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Why is it so environmentally friendly?
The Protocol products are designed as Green replacements for conventional chemistry, with several of the Protocol Products certified under the Environmental Choice Program. 
To be certified under this program they must meet the follow 3 criteria 
1. Must clean effectively as measured by method CAN/CGSB 2-GP-11, demonstrating at least 75% cleaning efficiency method A5.(third party testing)
2. Meet or exceed all applicable government and industrial safety and performance standards. 
3. Be manufactured in such a manner that all steps of the process, including the disposal of waste products arising there from, will meet the requirements of all applicable government acts, by law and regulations including, for facilities located in Canada, the Fisheries Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). 
4. Basically a great water based cleaning product that will biodegrade within 30 days back to carbon and oxygen, EcoLogo certified to wash your boat in the water.  

What's a good ratio to clean at for the protocol k300i industrial degreaser?

The cleaning abilities will range in dilution dependent upon the soil load and job function typically between 10/1 to 200/1 dilution rates with water.  This high dilution ratio presents a very attractive cost savings for the end-user when compared to other products.

Can we expect the same results or better with the environmental products vs our current non environmental ones?  Short answer YES. We have formulated these products to compete directly with conventional chemistry. In most cases the environmental products out perform the products they are up against. 

Who is currently using these products now ?
Peyto Exploration & Development 
Akita Drilling 
City of Edmonton
Via Rail Canada
Home Hardware Stores
Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
Teck Coal Mining operation
Toyota Canada
Just to name a few 

Where can the protocol K-300i be used?
This product is currently being used by mining industry for washing their heavy equipment. Rig wash, cuttings cleaning,invert mud systems increase slide and decrease friction. thread washing, tank cleaning, vessel cleaning essentially any cleaning function you can imagine. 

When should a solvent be used instead of a water based cleaner?
A solvent should be used after you have tried the Protocol K-300i first, once the safe environmental option is tried first then try the solvent option when dealing with heavy oil, tar , and bitumen. Temperature is also a factor. If your looking to keep a couple pails of product on your trucks in the winter then a solvent is recommended because a water based product will freeze on you. Water based products will freeze Nov – March thaw the K-300i out and it is ready to use.

How long is your turn around time if we place an order today when can we expect it to arrive ? 
Dependent upon volumes required we carry sufficient inventory in Edson/Jasper with our manufacturer in Edmonton able to accommodate tanker volumes within a few days.